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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Can you hear that..?

Can you hear that?

I may be merely a voice in your head, but I know you hear me now as distinctly as you did the other night.

When your finger ran across my skin, I sighed wantonly.... knowing that the gentleness of your touch belied the fevered nature of your lust. Knowing that this was a preliminary move, indicative of events to unfold.

As your mouth found mine, the sweet slurp of lips entangling shattered the passionate silence that bound us.

When my legs wrapped around you, drawing your hips toward mine, pulling us closer together, drawing you into me deeply; immersing yourself inside me... the sounds of mutual acknowledgement and release as each breathed soft words of encouragement into the others ear.

As you plunged deeper within me, how I exhaled shudderingly in ecstasy, verbalizing the sheer joy and desire that you aroused in me.

As my sultry heat further inflamed you, how you involuntarily grunted, only to move your lips against my ear lobe as you whispered your lascivious intentions in intimate detail. How I laughed delightedly to hear them, murmuring my erotic acquiescence to all that you planned to do.

As the passion surged within us both, how my breath caught and I gasped your name -- the familiar syllables not having ever previously symbolized such delicate yet carnal pleasure.

As my climax hit, how once again I called your name; with exquisite delight at what had taken so many months to happen; how your climax joined with mine, as you now whispered my name... in rapturous wonder at the delicious intensity of our conjoined orgasm.

How we both subsided slowly into a warm and sated silence that resonated louder than any of the previous sounds we'd just made.

I know I can still hear it. Can you?

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Blogger Suze commented at Monday, June 26, 2006 12:26:00 PM~  

I can. A wonderfully delicious encounter. ;)

Blogger Shay commented at Thursday, July 20, 2006 2:29:00 PM~  


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