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Ginger Man and Dior: From the outside, highly respectable indivduals. But here, in the space they share, their darkest and most intimately debauched feelings surface ... Read on, and be prepared to have your foundations rocked.
(Warning: Adult and explicit content. If you are under the age of 18, go away. Now.)

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Saturday, May 27, 2006


Can I tempt you?

Hoist my skirt a little higher, maybe? Flash you a glimpse of bare leg, that you know leads all the way up to wet, glistening and should-be-exposed cunt?


You know you want me, more than anything. You know that just by reading this I will reduce you to a panting, shapeless mass; almost puddled on the ground in breathless anticipation.

My full, round breasts, rosy nipples alert and awaiting your attention.

My soft skin, yearning for your touch. The soft, warm and womanly flesh of my body that you ache to posses, to caress, to stroke and nip gently...

How can you stay so far away? How do you resist the urge to close up the physical gap between us once and for all?

That we exist way beyond the physical is, perhaps, what saves us. What makes it possible to continue our connection... the fact that we actually really like each other. We can write long emails, and hold frantic IM conversations. We can speak leisurely over the phone, delighting in our mutual understandings and sense of humour.

Yes, this is a salvation. A way to calm the frenzy.

But don't expect me to ever stop tempting you.

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