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Ginger Man and Dior: From the outside, highly respectable indivduals. But here, in the space they share, their darkest and most intimately debauched feelings surface ... Read on, and be prepared to have your foundations rocked.
(Warning: Adult and explicit content. If you are under the age of 18, go away. Now.)

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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Your Tryst

My darling Dior,

While I was away last evening, you misbehaved and had a tryst with J., one of your several on-line boyfriends.

I had already brought you off earlier in the day with a debauched scenario, yet J. sent you
cock photos, and helped you get off again.

Allegedly, the five cock-photos are all about how J. got hard thinking of you. You admit this is strangely flattering.

When I sent you a text message, did I sense you were being brought to orgasm by another man?

“You know you are the only one for me. It was rose in a fisted glove time, nothing more. It was an opportunity presented.”

My Dior, I am so hard right now. So very hard … knowing you viewed J.’s nude photos while you masturbated to his lewd dialogue.

I must bring myself off. I’m afraid I look at the nude photo of Aliza, displayed on her blog … her backside. She reminds me of you.

I'm looking at her ass. The cheeks are spread sightly apart to reveal her anus. And I so want to fuck your ass.

You do love that - don't you?

A hard cock pumping into your tight asshole … filling you up.

Of course you love it … and I love thinking about it as I stroke my hard cock … the cock that should always fuck your ass.

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